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We apologize for some translation errors from earlier word processors. The 1984 New Year's letter was written on an HP-75 portable computer using its built-in text editor and text formatter ROM. The 1985-1992 letters were written in DOS Word on an IBM-PC-XT. The 1983-Valentine's 1999 letters were written in Word for Windows, starting with Windows 3.1, then Windows 95. Starting with Christmas 1999, we used Adobe InDesign under Windows 98 and then in 2003, we began using Windows XP and continued with InDesign. In 2007, we returned to Word 2002. The 2008-2011 letters were written in Word 2003. The 2013 letter was written in Word 2010, though the database functions for the mailing and emailing of copies was handled in Libre Office. 2011-New Year's 2018 were written in Libre Office.

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