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Judy Collins had a long relationship with Elektra records, apparently one of the longer in this genre. Seventeen original albums were produced during this time period, and five were certified gold. The Compilation albums are listed separately. Some of the albums provide detail of musicians by cut. In general, that information has not been transcribed here.

HCA010 A Maid of Constant Sorrow - 1961 Oct 15 - Elektra EKL-209 (mono LP), EKS-7209 (stereo LP)

Mark Abramson, editing; Jac Holzman, production supervisor; William S. Harvey, cover design; Lida Moser, cover photo

Fred Hellerman, Second Guitar; Erik Darling, Banjo

HCA020 Golden Apples of the Sun - 1962 Mid - Elektra EKL-222 (mono LP), EKS-7222 (stereo LP)

Jack Holzman, production supervisor; Mark Abramson, engineering; William S. Harvey, cover design; George Pickow, cover photo

Walter Raim, Second Guitar, arranger of "Bonnie Ship The Diamond," "Twelve Gates To The City," "Tell Me Who I'll Marry," and " Sing Hallelujah"; Bill Lee, Bass

HCA030 Judy Collins #3 - 1964 Mar/Apr - Elektra EKL-243 (mono LP), EKS-7243 (stereo LP)

Produced by: Mark Abramson & Jac Holzman; Mastertone Recording Studios, Inc., New York City, engineering; William S. Harvey, cover design; Jim Marshall, cover photo

Jim [now Roger] McGuinn, Second Guitar & Banjo; Bill Takas, Bass; Walter Raim, Banjo on "The Hills of Shiloh," and 12-string guitar on "Bells of Rhymney" and "Hey Nelly Nelly." Arrangements by Jim McGuinn except "Bells of Rhymney" and "Hey Nelly Nelly" which were arranged by Walter Raim.

HCA040 The Judy Collins Concert - 1964 Oct - Elektra EKL-280 (mono LP), EKS-7280 (stereo LP)

Produced by: Jac Holzman and Mark Abramson; David B. Jones, engineering; Mark Abramson, editing; William S. Harvey, cover design; Jim Marshall, cover photo

Chuck Israels, Bass and Cello; Steve Mandell, 2nd Guitar and Banjo)

See listing HCA250 Live at Newport (1959 - 1966) - 1994 - Vanguard 1570 77013 2 (CD) for additional music from this era.

HCA050 Judy Collins' Fifth Album - 1965 Nov - Elektra EKL-300 (mono LP), EKS-7300 (stereo LP), 7300-2 (CD)

Jac Holzman, production supervisor; Mark Abramson, recording director; Jim Frawley, cover photo; William S. Harvey, cover design

Richard Fariña, Dulcimer; Eric Weissberg, 2nd Guitar; Bill Takas, Bass; Bill Lee, Bass; Danny Kalb, 2nd Guitar; John Sebastian, mouth harp), Bob Sylvester, Cello; Eric Weissberg, vocal; Jerry Dodgion; Flute; Chuck Israels, bass)

HCA060 In My Life - 1966 Nov (Certified Gold, 1970 Dec 21) - Elektra EKL-320 (mono LP), EKS-7320 (original stereo LP), EKS-74027 (later stereo LP), 74027-2 (CD), TC-54027 (cassette), TC5-74027 (alternate cassette number)

Produced by: Mark Abramson; Jac Holzman, production supervisor; William S. Harvey, front cover photo and art direction; Joel Brodsky, back coer photo (LP only); Cover photo courtesy of Bill Axton, at the Garden of the Glory Hole Bar, Central City, Colorado.

Joshua Rifkin arranged and conducted "Tom Thumb's Blues," "Hard Lovin' Loser," "Pirate Jenny," "Marat/Sade," "I Think It's Going To Rain Today," "Sunny Goodge Street," and "Dress Rehearsal Rag."

The original LPs had a full-cover bleed of the photo, the later LP had a wide green border. The CD goes back to the bleed, which makes the photo about the same size as the later LP!

HCA070 Wildflowers - 1967 Nov (Certified Gold, 1969 Jan 20) - Elektra EKS-74012 (stereo LP), 74012 (CD), TC5-74012 (cassette)

Arranged and Conducted by Joshua Rifkin; Produced by Mark Abramson; "Priests" arranged by Robert Dennis and Robert Sylvester; John Haeny, engineering; Guy Webster, front cover photography; Jim Frawley, back cover photography; William S. Harvey, original album art direction and design; CD mastered by dB Plus Digital Services.

HCA080 Who Knows Where the Time Goes - 1968 Nov (Certified Gold, 1969 Oct 8) - Elektra EKS-74033 (stereo LP), 74033-2 (CD), TC5-74033 (cassette)

David Anderle, producer; Jac Holzman, production supervisor; John Haeny, engineering; Len Steckler, cover photos; Julie Snow, inside photo; William S. Harvey, art direction and cover design.

Michael Sahl, piano, organ, and harpsichord; Stephen Stills, acoustic and electric guitar, electric bass; Chris Ethridge, electric bass; James Gordon, drums/percussion; Judy Collins, acoustic guitar, electric piano; Michael Melvoin, piano; James Burton, electric guitar, dobro; Buddy Emmons, pedal steel guitar; Van Dyke Parks, piano, electric piano.

HCA090 Whales and Nightingales - 1970 Nov 12 (Certified Gold, 1971 Apr 6) - Elektra EKS-75010 (stereo LP), 75010-2 (CD), TC5-75010 (cassette)

Produced by Mark Abramson; John Haeny, engineering and assistant producer; William S. Harvey, cover concept and art direction; Herb Goro, photography; Greg Fulginiti, recording assistant; Arnold Black, orchestra contractor; Fedco Audio Labs, remote recording facilities. "Sons Of," "Prothalamium," "Marieke," and "Nightingale II" arranged and conducted by Joshua Rifkin; "Time Passes Slowly" string arrangement by John Nagy; Humpback whales courtesy of Roger Payne and the New York Zoological Society.

Musicians: Richard Bell, Susan Evans, David Grisman, Paul Harris, Bill Lee, Jerry Mathews, Gene Murrow, John Nagy, Paul Prestopino, David Rea, Joshua Rifkin, Warren Smith, Gene Taylor, Greg Thomas

HCA100 Living - 1971 Nov 2 - Elektra EKS-75014 (stereo LP), 75014-2 (CD)

It has been reported that in 1971 this album was advertised as a two-record set. Of course, the one that was actually released was a single LP. I believe that the 1971 release date is correct despite the date being listed as 1972 in the discography in Trust Your Heart.

Produced by: Mark Abramson; John Haeny, engineering; Bill Harvey, cover design; Peter Lerner, cover photo; Judy Collins, collage design

Judy Collins, piano and acoustic guitar; Ry Cooder, electric guitar, acoustic guitar; Susan Evans, drums and percussion; Gene Taylor, bass; Richard Bell, piano

HCA110 True Stories and Other Dreams - 1973 Jan 18 - Elektra EKS-75053 (stereo LP), 75053-2 (CD), TC5-75053 (cassette)

Produced by Mark Abramson and Judy Collins; Strings on "Secret Gardens," Ché," and "Holly Ann" arranged by Richard Bell and conducted by Abba Bogin; Recorders on "Cook With Honey" arranged by Richard Bell; Shelly Yakus and Jay Messina, recording engineers; Jack Douglas, Danny Turbeville, Ed Sepanski, Rod O'Brien, assistant engineers; Mark Abramson, remixing; Recorded at The Record Plant, New York; Ed Caraeff, cover photo; Robert L. Heimall, art direction.

Judy Collins, piano and acoustic guitar; Eric Weissberg, acoustic guitar, banjo, upright bass; Steve Mandell, acoustic guitar, banjo; Bucky Pizarelli, acoustic guitar; Jerry Mathews, electric guitar; Bill Keith, pedal steel guitar; Russel George, Fender bass; Don Payne, Fender bass; Bob Daugherty, upright bass; Allan Schwartzberg, drums and percussion; Ray Barretto, congas and bongos; Paul Prestopino, autoharp; Don Brooks, harmonica; Lou Killen, concertina; Larry Packer, fiddle; Evelyn Beers, dancing dolls on "Fishermen Song"; Arnold Black, orchestra contractor.

HCA120 Judith - 1975 Mar 24 (Certified Gold 1975 Nov 19, and currently has reached Platinum status!) - Elektra 7E-1032 (stereo LP), 6E-111 (stereo LP), 111-2 (CD), TC5-111 (cassette) In mid 1997, the CD was remastered and re-released. If ordering, please make sure to get the remastered version as the original CD was an early one and Elektra wanted to update its sound.

Produced by: Arif Mardin; All selections arranged and conducted by Arif Mardin with the exception of "Houses," "Send In The Clowns," and "I'll Be Seeing You" which were arranged and conducted by Jonathan Tunick. Recorded at A&R studios, New York, CDD Pre-mastering by WCI Record Group. Recording Engineer and General Recording Supervisor, Phil Ramone. Assistant Recording Engineer, Glenn Berger. Original album package credits: Art Direction by Glen Christensen Design by Ron Wong/David Larkham & Friends. Photogrphs by Francesco Scavullo.

Judy Collins, piano; George Marge, English horn, flute; Bill Slapin, alto flute; Romeo Penque, flute, bass flute; Emanuel Vardi, viola; Gene Orloff, violin; Ken Ascher, electric piano; Hugh McCracken, David Spinozza, Steve Burgh, Charlie Brown, Steve Goodman, guitar; Tony Levin, bass; Stephan Gadd, drums; Ralph MacDonald, percussion; Ken Bichel, Arp synthesizer; Eric Weissberg, bass, guitar, steel guitar, dobro; Pat Rebillot, Paul Griffin, organ, electric piano; Don Brooks, harmonica; Arthur Clarke, Seldon Powell, Tony Studd, Frank Wess, Randy Brecker, Garnett Brown, horns; Steve Goodman, Denver Collins, Cissy Houston, Sylvia Shemwell, Eunice Peterson, Eric Weissberg, background vocals; Corky Hale, harp; George Marge, flute, recorder; Dominic Cortes, accordion; George Ricci, cello; and more.

The album is dedicated to Judy's mother, Marjorie Byrd Hall.

HCA130 Bread and Roses - 1976 Aug 25 - Elektra 7E-1076 (stereo LP), 1076-2 (CD), TC5-1076 (cassette)

The following note is courtesy of Abby Sale of Orlando Florida: 25,000 textile workers strike agains the American Woolen Co. of Lawrence, MA, Jan 12, 1912. To get food and housing for the affected children, the IWW sent trainloads of the children to other cities. On Feb 5, 1912, Lawrence police attaached and clubbed the embarking children and their parents in order to reduce public sympathy for the strikers. The strike was won on March 12th. This strike was one of the few great successes for the IWW. It was a singing strike - men and women. One song they sang was "John Golden and the Lawrence Strike" by Joe Hill. James Oppenheim's poem was written during this strike.

HCA140 Hard Time for Lovers - 1979 Feb 20 - Elektra 6E-171 (stereo LP), 171-2 (CD), TC5-171 (cassette)

HCA150 Running for My Life - 1980 Mar 28 - Elektra 6E-253 (stereo LP). 253-2 (CD), TC5-253 (cassette)

HCA160 Times of Our Lives - 1982 Jan 22 - Elektra E1-60001 (stereo LP), 60001-2 (CD), E4-60001 (cassette)

The European release of the Times of Our Lives LP contains a version of “Don’t Say Goodbye Love” song that is different from the one used on the US album release. The vocals are identical, but in the European release, Judy is backed by a full orchestra, with very prominent drums and percussion. The version that was released in the United States is with just vocal and piano. The liner notes do give credit to nearly 50 other musicians in the orchestra performing for both that cut and for “Memory.”

HCA170 Home Again - 1984 Nov 11 - Asylum/Elektra 60304-1 (stereo LP), 60304-2 (CD), 60304-4 (cassette)

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