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Judy is back on Elektra! Finally! This is really good news. Thanks Elektra/Warner even if it was just two albums!

HCA290 Christmas At The Biltmore Estate - 1997 October 21 - Elektra Entertainment 62120 (CD & Cassette)

Recorded live at the Biltmore Estate, North Carolina in December 1996.

Judy Collins, guitar and piano; Russel Walden, piano and keyboards; Ira Siegel, guitar; Ken Bichel, Additional Keyboards; Liesl Whitacker, trumpet; Byron L. Hedgepath, Percussion; Ronald D. Clearfield, Cello; Sandy Holland, Choir Director; The Charlotte Children's Choir.

HCA300 Forever an anthology - 1997 October 28 - 2 CDs - Elektra Entertainment 62104 (CD only)

This retrospective set is perhaps the best way to be introduced to Collins's wonderful music. Most of her Elektra albums are represented. On many collections spanning a wide range of time (1961-1997) the sound quality is sometimes quite variable. In this instance, the sound quality is superb on every cut. It appears that a substantial effort was made to make all the cuts sound as good as possible and there are no jarring transitions. Even the earliest recording, "Maid of Constant Sorrow" sounds wonderfully fresh. See below for a discussion of the overlap with the three other available collections:  Recollection, Colors of the Day, and So Early In The Spring.

The only Elektra albums not represented in this collection are HCA020, HCA040 (live), HCA100 (live), HCA150, and HCA170.

The following songs are duplicated on HCC010 Recollections

The following songs are on HCC020 Colors Of The Day and NOT on HCA300 Forever

The other big collection, HCC030 So Early In The Spring, The First Fifteen Years has a few cuts that are not on HCA300 Forever or HCC010 Recollections. This is taken from the cassette as the cassette is still in print as of 10/97. There seems to be no overlap between Recollectionsand So Early In The Spring.

So, for a good, basic Judy Collins collection, buying HCC010 Recollections and HCA300 Forevercan cover a lot of ground without overlap. Adding HCC030 So Early In The Spring, The First Fifteen Years to that would provide a fantastic retrospective ot the Elektra years (1961-1984)

In 2001, Elektra released HCC400 The Very Best of Judy Collins Elektra 74374. This collection has the original single version of "Chelsea Morning" whereas Forever has a great, 1990s recording. In addition, it also has the following songs not on the other major compilations:

HCA310 Both Sides Now - 1998 March 23 - QVC

Judy singing with lush orchestral backup - a very special collection!

HCA320 Singing Lessons - 1998 - Pocket Books

CD distributed with the book, Singing Lessons

HCA330 Live at Wolftrap - 1999 June 11 (recorded) - Wildflower - WFL-1298

Judy Collins and Russel Walden

"Beyond the Sky" was written by Judy Collins in honor of Commander Eileen Collins, the first woman Commander of a Space Shuttle. The song is the first to be commissioned through the NASA Art Program.

HCA340 Live at Wolftrap - 2000 June 18 (recorded) - Wildflower - WFL-1296

Judy Collins, Russel Walden, Mark Egan, Morris Goldberg, Tony Beard, Eric Weissberg

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