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There are three known singles that have cuts that never have been released on albums. I am looking for good copies of them!

Elektra EK-45601 (45 RPM)

The copy that I've heard about is marked "For Radio Station Use Only" and has a date of 11-65 in the end-groove area.This came out between HCA050 Fifth Album and HCA060 In My Life, and it's more in the style of HCA050 Fifth Album than the stuff she did on record starting in 1966, and it is assumed that it probably got lost in the shuffle.

The song was from the Dylan "basement tapes" period. It was later recorded by Sandy Denny on Fairport Convention's What We Did On Our Holidays. Marianne Faithfull and Nico also recorded it. It was released on the Bob Dylan Biograph Box set in 1985. Dylan wrote this song for Judy.

Elektra EK-45657 (45 RPM)

This more electric version of "Chelsea Morning" was recorded during the Who Knows Where The Time Goes sessions in 1968 but apparently did not fit in with the rest of the album and was only released on a single in 1969.

Elektra 125940 1982 (45 RPM) - French Release (in English)

“The Life You Dream” The single of “Memory” was a hit in France in 1982 (Elektra 125940). The single was sold in a picture sleeve, the same photo as on cover of Times of Our Lives, but cropped more closely. The flip side of the single is “The Life You Dream,” recorded in the studio at the same time as the rest of the Times of Our Lives [HCA160] album. This is the first commercially released recording of this song, and it predated the later version found on the Trust Your Heart [HCA190] LP by about 4 years.

Polydor 885-188-7 (86 NP 7044) 1986 (45 RPM)

While "Moonfall" has been released on HCA190 Trust Your Heart, "Never The Luck" has never been released on an album. Both of these are from The Mystery Of Edwin Drood. Debbie Corwin has a great web page for these shows. Debbie had worked with Rupert Holmes and is an award-winning composer.

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