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A note on the Judy Collins photos that appear here. I would like to express my sincere and deepest thanks to Phil Saviano for granting me permission to use ten of his photos of Judy Collins on this site. These images are 1998 Phil Saviano and all rights are reserved. If you would like a print of any of these images, please contact Phil directly. Please do not use these photos for any other purpose without an agreement from Phil. Please do not contact the author of these web pages concerning use of the photos as I have no rights to grant.

Jul 15, 1984, Winter Island, Salem, MA

Jul 23, 1980, Central Park, NYC, Lou Volpe Lead Guitar

Dec 23, 1977, Carnegie Hall, New York, NY

Aug 14, 1982, Hampton Beach Casino, Hampton, NH

Dec 4, 1977, Symphony Hall, Boston, MA

Nov, 1972, Aquarius Theater, Boston, MA

Aug 8, 1980, Hampton Beach Casino
Hampton, NH - Double exposure

Aug 4, 1980, Tanglewood Music Shed
Lenox, MA

Dec 2, 1972, Worcester Auditorium
Worcester, MA

Oct 9, 1976, Worcester Polytechnic
Institute, Worcester, MA

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