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Richard and Mary Beth enjoy music and hope to be passing the love of music on to our boys. This Web site started when Richard discovered that there were no fully complete discographies of Judy Collins nor Joan Baez on the Web. While building the Web site, Joan Baez’s assistant put up an excellent discography, so only additional information is included for Joan Baez. Both these pages are linked from the artists’ official pages.

The Judy Collins and Joan Baez information drew such good attention that other artists were added. The Web pages for Priscilla Herdman and Nancy White were originally developed as “fan” pages and developed into official pages. In 2008, Nancy White decided to no longer have a web page, but has switched to MySpace as her web home. Links to that are on the remaining discography page.

In 1997, Richard was given a copy of Marie-Lynn Hammond’s 1983 album Vignettes. More of the story is on this page. This led to Richard starting his own record label, Vignettes Media, and the release of all of Marie-Lynn’s back catalog on three CDs. A new CD, Pegasus, was released in 2003. Richard also also restored all of the Stringband albums and helped get the ball rolling on a retrospective Stringband CD.
In the ’70’s, Richard had a record label, Hessound, when he lived in New York City. The recordings he did for St. Thomas Church are listed here. Once again, there were no on-line discographies for either St. Thomas Church nor The Cathedral of Saint John the Divine in New York City, so he decided to publish them.

In 2004, Richard left his 21-year career with National TeleConsultants and moved back to his wife's home town of Aurora, Ontario and started full-time tape restoration.

In a broad sense, this is an important area that deserves more attention. Richard is part of the Audio Engineering Society Technical Committee on Archives, Restoration, and Digital Libraries. Make sure your assets are not disappearing!

In 2006–2008, Richard elected to no longer attempt to maintain a variety of links pages, but is still listing Alaskan Shirley English—information about her remains elusive.
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