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Photography has been a long-term passion of mine.
I present here some photo-related essays that I have authored
about several technical aspects of photography
and also have pointers to some of my images on this site

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Richard has selected Pbase for an expanded photo gallery.
Please take a look from time-to-time.

Richard's Photos on this web site
NOTE: No more photos will be added to this site.
Please see my Gallery at

I went digital-here is my first try and soon more...
A few outdoor and travel photos
St. Thomas Church, New York City
The Cathedral of St. John the Divine, New York City

A bitmap (uncompressed .bmp file) of a small section of
a D100 digital image (left) and a D100 "scan" of an RDPIII slide.
Presented as an interesting test.

Camera Support Systems
A discussion of the selection of a tripod for various applications.
This was originally written for and posted in the
CompuServe Photography Forum library.

The 18% Gray Card Myth
This is a short message that I wrote analyzing why
the 18% gray card is not the correct value to use for
outdoor work with modern light meters.

A Few Photo Links of Interest
Peter Mason's photo site
Kevin O'Neil's Nature Tips
Peter Walker's Photo Pages
Luke Powell's photo site that includes a portfolio from
Afghanistan and dye transfer information.

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