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There are two known recordings of Judy Collins that were released prior to A Maid of Constant Sorrow they are local releases in the Denver area called: Folk Song Festival at Exodus and Mickey Sherman Presents: 1960 Folk Festival at the Exodus.

HCA003 Folk Song Festival at Exodus - October 1959 - A Sky Lark Recording SK-1002 (mono)

HCA005 1960 Folk Festival at the Exodus - 1960 - Sight and Sound SS-1002 (mono)

Front cover is a drawing of a guitar learning on a stool. Backcover has photos of the four performers and notes/titles.

One other recording of interest surfaced recently. It does not specifically credit Judy Collins on it as she was under contract with Elektra at the time it was made, but we are pretty sure that she participated in it.

HCA015 Railroad Bill by The Homesteaders - 1962 ca. - Riverside RM 7537 (mono LP), RS 97537 (stereo LP)

The members of The Homesteaders are not identified on the record or the jacket, but the voice of Judy Collins is unmistakable, and the source for this, John Ross, indicates that Judy has confirmed being on it. The other members of the vocal group were Ronnie Gilbert (of the Weavers) and Mike Settle (plus one other male singer John can't identify--possibly Walter Raim--the arranger). Lorin Sklamberg kindly provided the correction that the other female singer was Ronnie Gilbert of the Weavers and not Ethel Raim who John Ross had thought. Ethel Raim was apparently unfamiliar with this album when asked by Lorin.

Vocals by The Homesteaders, with instrumental accompaniment. Musical direction and arrangements: Walter Raim. The liner notes include a long quote from Bobby Darin.

Two more albums were brought to light thanks to Lisa Sanchez!

HCA025 HOOTENANNY at the Limelight in the Village - 1963 ?? - Somerset SF-19900

Judy is again, as in Railroad Billnot credited on this album. A group called "The Wanderin' Five" is credited, but a second album with that group on it did not include Judy.

HCA045 This Land Is Your Land - Songs of Social Justice - 1964 October - UAW

This album is the one that is tied to the release of "The Inheritance" movie and contains the song for which Millard Lampell wrote the lyrics. Performers include Joan Baez (singing "We Shall Overcome"), The Baytown Singers, Leon Bibb, Tennessee Ernie Ford, Ronnie Gilbert, Fred Hellerman, Billy Holiday, Cisco Houston, Ian & Sylvia, Tommy Makem & the Clancy Brothers, Odetta, Peter Paul and Mary, Pete Seeger, The Tarriers, The Weavers, Josh White.

Judy sings:

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