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We provide high-quality transfers/copies
even from hard-to-play tapes.

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Before contacting us:

We digitize and transfer audio tapes from a wide variety of formats. We do not process video tapes unless it's an audio-only application. Here are analog, digital, and digital multitrack examples of audio-only applications of video tapes. Please check here for video resources.

If you erased or recorded over a tape, or have experienced a disaster, please look here.

If you have a question other than about our AUDIO tape restoration services and capabilities, please look here.

If you wish to discuss tape recorders: their selection, their maintenance, or their application to either hobbiest or professional recording, please look here.

Contact us to get your audio tape restored:

Click here to send an email to

Call us at 647-479-2800

If you do not have an economical calling plan or access which includes the Greater Toronto Area in Canada, and if you are in the U.S. or Canada, please feel free to call us on our toll-free number: 1-877-TAPE-FIX (1-877-827-3349). Please mention that you used the toll-free number and we will call you back, as we are charged per-minute on this while we have unlimited calling to the U.S. and Canada.

For shipping information please click here

For payment information please click here

If you need to send us a fax, please request our fax number via email.

Click here for our alternate e-mail addresses if you do not receive a reply from the main address in a reasonable time (although I might be away or busy, too).

Useful information that will help us understand your project

The more information you have available at your first contact with us, the easier and faster it will be to understand and estimate the cost of your project. Here are some of the things we need to know. Please do not be concerned if you do not know much of this, but if you do, it helps us make a more accurate estimate.

Physical Tape: manufaturer, type number, length, width, reel size, condition, storage climate history, and any known or suspected problems.

Recording Parameters:
speed, track configuration, running time, recorder, noise reduction (Dolby, dbx, etc.).

Content/Use: We need to know the content and how it was recorded. Knowing the intended use of the digitization effort will allow us to estimate the appropriate level of effort.

Delivery format(s): Knowing your needs and level of expertise will allow us to help select the most cost efficient and appropriate delivery method (audio CDs, DVDs with files, USB drive with files, download).

Your Contact Information: Please provide a telephone number and the best times to reach you as sometimes it is easier to learn about your project by talking through it rather than attempting to solve everything in a lengthy string of emails.

If you do end up shipping tapes to us, please send your return shipping address and all other contact information via email as well.

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